Available blocks : 2,396
Sold blocks : 6

Advertising on the Cube is fast, easy, and cheap (only 16 for a permanent ad) : just follow the instructions below ! And if you have any problem or question regarding the purchase process, please contact us.

Before you go any further, please ensure you agree to the terms and conditions.

For now, ads on The Advertising Cube can only be purchased on Teliad, an international marketplace for text link advertising.
When you are logged into Teliad, follow this direct link : it will bring you right to the purchase page of The Advertising Cube (screenshot below).

The "Target URL" is the URL your ad will be linked to.

In "Link text", enter the text of your ad. It will be used as a tooltip text on the Cube (i.e. a text that will show up when the mouse is over your image), and as an anchor text for your link on the advertisers list.

In "Comments", please provide :
* the coordinates of your chosen block (e.g. "Face #3 - Block (10;20)")
* the URL of the image you want to place on your block (you can host your image for free on ImageShack). Its size must be 20x20 pixels, otherwise it will be automatically resized to fit on your block.
* your country

Set "Extend automatically" to "No" (no need to pay each month, your ad will be permanent).